Reaching Communities

Memory Matters Free Workshops
Funded by the Big Lottery – Reaching Communities Fund
Project Dates: November 2017 – November 2021
Area: Cornwall

This project is currently being run online

The Memory Matters Workshops have been part of Memory Matters now since 2017. The project sees Memory Matters providing group Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and Living Well Sessions.

What happens at a Memory Matters Workshop?

We always encourage beneficiaries to stay for the morning on their own, but on the first week carers are welcome to spend the first half hour or so with us. This will help everyone find out what to expect over the next 15 weeks, learn how to best support their loved one and familiarise themselves with everyone involved.

On a typical day, people will arrive at 10am. Our workshops always follow the same structure, starting with reality orientation and a look at the newspaper. We like to start the Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) session by 10.30am, which lasts for approximately 1 hour.

CST has been proven to help slow the progression of dementia for some people during clinical trials. The Sessions are light hearted and fun. Each week we will have a different subject, eg. Famous Faces, Occupations, Current Affairs. Our group leaders will make sure that everyone is comfortable, nobody is ever put on the spot and that everyone gets involved.

We will stop for a short break, with refreshments provided at around 11.30am.

For the rest of the morning you will take part in a live well session. This gives you an opportunity to explore how to live well with a diagnosis of dementia with the support of your peers. Topics include memory prompts, legal matters, nutrition, home fire safety and future planning, and any other issues or questions that arise through group discussions. Outside speakers often come to present during these sessions.

As part of our live well sessions we encourage goal setting, which simply means finding a small, achievable change you could make to improve how you live with your diagnosis. It could be anything from drinking more water to getting a bit more exercise. It is helpful if someone close to you supports you with this.

Who is the programme for?

This project is designed for people who are fairly newly diagnosed with mild to moderate dementia, who are living in the community with little access to therapeutic intervention and peer – support.

If you have anymore questions please contact one of our friendly team members on 01752 243333.