Can People Thrive in Your Community

At Memory Matters we believe that people living with dementia can thrive when given the right environment and support. Do you?

Learn how your venue can be a frontrunner in reducing isolation, increasing thinking skills and enabling peer-support for people lin your community who are marginalised due to a diagnosis of dementia.

Whilst researchers work hard behind the scenes to find effective prevention for dementia, more and more people are developing the condition. It is estimated that one person every three minutes is developing dementia worldwide. Our communities need to play a strong part in supporting those with dementia and often feel unskilled, unable and unsure of what is required.

Memory Matters can help you to run community workshops that keep people well for longer. If you are a community venue with a passion to help people with dementia thrive we can help.

  • An easy to run programme 
  • Keeps people connected to their communities 
  • Reduces isolation
  • Fun to deliver
  • Builds community

Our mission is to create communities where people with dementia can thrive, despite their symptoms.

Join other forward thinking innovative communities and make a difference!


Hop on to our webinar
Can People with Dementia Thrive in Your Community?
March 8th 2021 
2- 3pm

An opportunity to learn:

The findings of our three year pilot

How our model works

What part you or your organisation can play

Who can run Memory Matters Workshops

All the answers to your questions

Who is it for?

Anyone with a suitable venue and an engaged community or workforce wanting to make a huge difference