3 Ideas for a Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) Sounds Session

The Sound session is designed to promote concentration and recall as well as distinguishing and recognising sounds. Like all CST sessions the session aims also to promote word finding and naming. Importantly we want to ensure that we are continuously promoting opinion and discussion and having fun!

1. Categorising Sounds

Whether you go for ‘kitchen or bathroom’ or’ indoor or outdoor’, this is a great session to inject some fun. Remember we aren’t looking for correct answers but rather opinions, ideas and conversation. You might ask, “what do you think might be happening here?”

Here are some sounds to start you off. There are lots more at https://sound-effects.bbcrewind.co.uk/

Toilet flush: https://sound-effects.bbcrewind.co.uk/search?q=07019094

Hand wash: https://sound-effects.bbcrewind.co.uk/search?q=07067071

Grating vegetables: https://sound-effects.bbcrewind.co.uk/search?q=07002084

Microwave: https://sound-effects.bbcrewind.co.uk/search?q=07027238

Fridge Motor: https://sound-effects.bbcrewind.co.uk/search?q=07027216

2. Nonsense Words

In this session, we read some nonsense poetry. The Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan and the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

Have a go at making up words and then decide what they will mean.

3. Words that are Sounds- Onomatopoeia 

Think of words that are sounds, eg. bang, crash, smash, write them on the board. Either do an A-Z or a word chain where the last letter of the last word you wrote forms the first letter of the next word eg. rip – phew – whip This list may help
Write Onomatopoeia- see how many words you can make from it.

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