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Do you feel that people with dementia are left to struggle alone after diagnosis in your area?

Do you feel that there is an opportunity for good preventative dementia support in your community?

Could you inject passion, creativity and joy and really make a difference into the lives of people living with dementia?

Do you feel frustrated that you can do so much more with your professional skills but don’t know where to begin?

Do you feel compelled to give back to your community using your skills?

The truth is that our statutory services are stretched beyond capacity with limited funding. We believe in a two-pronged approach;

1. To lobby the government for adequate funding for treatment for those living with dementia.

2. To support skilled individuals in our communities to get delivering on the ground. (option 1. Takes time and people with dementia need support now.)

Will you join us? There’s strength in numbers.

For the last ten years, the award-winning team at Memory Matters have been successful in making a difference and creating positive change in communities for those living with dementia. Now we are ready to create a great big team!! You can help by investing in your mastery of evidence-based Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and become a Memory Matters Fellow.

After ten years of research and development, we are ready to help you to run Workshops in your community and to gain great outcomes for people living with dementia locally to you.

The proven, evidence-based outcomes for those living with dementia in the Fellowship Workshops are:

  • Reduced loneliness.
  • Slowed progression of dementia.
  • Living well for longer.
  • Increased quality of life.
  • Increased thinking & language skills.
  • Access to peer support.

Our Fellowship gives the opportunity for you or your organisation to partner with ours. 

Fellows will be taken on a journey through immersive weekly live training and coaching which develops you as a facilitator. 

  • Learn how to start groups in your community or organisation, step by step, including everything you need to consider.
  • Master the delivery of fun interactive activities and conversations that are cognitively stimulating.
  • Lead change in your community and tackle the stigma associated with dementia by demonstrating gold standard support.
  • Be part of a community of like-minded individuals who want to create meaningful change.

We will take care of all group content, planning and will make evaluating your outcomes easy.

Memory Matters Workshops are perfect for both care home environments and community venues and we are working with a broad mixture of organisations and individuals.

Memory Matters Workshops support people to live well with dementia through engagement in meaningful, evidence-based and therapeutic activities and preventative health sessions’ designed to exercise thinking skills and promote preventative health.

Program Delivery

The Fellowship program is delivered through 18 live interactive training and coaching sessions over 24 weeks including a dedicated training platform where you can access training geared towards you launching your workshops effectively. There will be a private support group and replays that you can access for life.

Sessions will be led by Laura Walker, (Co-founder of Memory Matters) with support from the experienced Facilitators from the memory Matters team who bring a wealth of experience.

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