From Worrying About Memory, To Knowing All The Tricks

Lesley is in her early seventies. She’s a gentle woman with a lifetime of stories to tell and she loves to laugh. For a long time she had been worrying about her memory.

She had been finding it more difficult to remember names of new people she met which made her feel a bit embarrassed and for the first time in her life she found herself avoiding talking to people for this reason.

It was this that led Lesley to enrol in our Brain Fitness Course.

Lesley felt she was having more moments of going upstairs and forgetting why she was there, or staring in cupboards blankly which was causing her frustration.

Despite her concerns Lesley didn’t have marked memory difficulties or a dementia. She was just living with the normal frustrations of an aging brain.

Sound familiar?

Maybe you can relate to Lesley’s story…

Sometimes you can just be having a lovely, normal conversation with friends, you’re in conversational flow and you are putting a really important or funny point across. I was trying to remember the name of a rocker from the 60s. I used to follow the band around the country like a puppy dog after a bone. Screaming from the back of the stadium. There was a time I thought of no-one else. I was head over heels in love with him at the time but can I remember his bloody name now? I can see him as clear as day winking at me in my mind. I can describe his trousers and the style of his hair and those beautiful eyes! It’s exrutiating, frustrating and ultimately embarrassing!

Memory Matters is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that helps people with memory concerns or people who have been diagnosed with Dementia. Kate and Laura provide unique, ‘memory focused’ projects and services which are designed to both educate and support people in a variety of ways. They teach older adults about staying brain fit and educate those living with dementia to live well. Kate and Laura also provide training to professionals throughout the UK.

“I learnt that forgetting where I put my keys is just me being disorganised! Forgetting which car the keys unlock is a whole different worry!”Jan, Course Participant

How did the Brain Fitness Formula come about?

A few years ago Laura put together a fun ‘mental aerobics’ class for some women in her local town who had expressed a wish to work with her on eliminating their self-diagnosed ‘senior moments’

Little did I know how much fun this would be and how much I myself would learn about my own brain health and how I could incorporate new techniques in to my life to make my brain work more effectively. I wasn’t sure how the course would transcribe on to online but it has worked really well.

The course looks at the research into the different areas of brain health and translates it into easy to follow tips and hints that are used by the course members to set their own goals. Through the course they are supported to make some changes as well as celebrate the things they are already doing to look after their brains.

Some of the women found that their small memory lapses became fewer. Others said that they worry about it less as they feel more able to understand the difference between memory issues that are normal and those that are more of a concern and need checking out.

“The sections on Environment and Socialisation, and the memory techniques… Brilliant – so useful. Thank you so much for the course, Laura. I’ve learnt such a lot and am trying to get the habits engrained now. You have been amazing!”Gilly – Course participant

Accessible to all

All our Memory Training is accessed from your computer or tablet in the comfort of your own home. The presentations are in video form and are easy to follow in your own time.

Lesley finished the course feeling in control of her brain health. She is feeling more positive about her age and her brain, and has pushed aside any worries about failing. She said, “I don’t worry about meeting new people so much now. I still might forget a name or two, but the course has given me much more confidence. I’m not the failing old lady I thought I was! I am glad I invested in myself.”

Through the online course Lesley has discovered more things that bring her joy, by following the easy steps and goals she discovered a whole new hobby and social group of like-minded people. She’s became physically fitter but more importantly for her she is no longer feeling down about her memory or aging.

Our course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to look after their brain.

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