The Brain Fitness Formula

With the news that one in 10 adults say their brain health has deteriorated in the pandemic, coupled with the fact that 40% of dementia are caused by modifiable risk factors it makes sense to do something about our brain health as soon as we can.

This 6-week online course can be completed at your own speed and works with you to create some really healthy brain habits that could stave off dementia in the future.

  • Reduce your risk factors of developing dementia as you get older
  • Remember things better
  • Adopt brain-boosting habits
  • Learn useful techniques
  • 6-week memory plan, easy to follow
  • Only 30 minutes a day for great results
  • 32 training videos and supporting worksheets
  • Devised and presented by Laura Walker co-founder of Memory Matters
  • All profits invested in supporting people isolated through dementia

This is suitable for any one of us and the earlier we do this the greater the chances of reducing our risk. 

For a limited time Memory Matters are offering this and the reduced affordable price of £40 we just ask that if you like it you tell your friends and share it with your networks.

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