Exploring Dementia – Now Online

This interactive dementia workshop uses creative and engaging techniques that will have you interested from the moment it begins.

52% of people in the UK know someone who has been diagnosed with dementia. Whether you are family, a friend or colleague, it is easy to feel lost in knowing the best way to approach, or what to say.

It is no wonder that people with dementia can often feel isolated and lonely.

I found the training very interesting. It totally opens your eyes and makes you rethink ways to handle a situation.

The course was very helpful. I learnt many ideas that I can use, and I will use these everyday.

I would recommend others do this course… I didn’t know anything before today about people who live with dementia. I feel I now better understand their capabilities as a result.

The course was very good. It made me look at dementia from a different side.Customer Feedback

  • Open your eyes to how dementia affects individuals
  • Learn communication tools to help
  • Understand the common symptoms
  • Understand some of the challenges people with dementia face
  • Learn how you can make a difference

Whether you are a family member of someone living with dementia, a volunteer or you work with people with dementia every day. This course has something for everyone.

People tell us this course is a real eye-opener and go away feeling much more confident and empathic and full of new ideas to try for positive and meaningful interaction.

Learn online today


The impact of dementia on communication and self confidence

How perception changes

The many symptoms someone is likely to be experiencing without your knowledge

How your approach can make a positive difference

How to create positive and successful conversation

Useful communication techniques

Who is it for?

Anyone who would like to learn more about dementia.