14 Session Memory Treatment Program

Our 14 Session Memory Treatment Program uses Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST). CST is an evidence-based treatment which has been shown to be as effective in the treatment of cognition (thinking) as the dementia drugs currently available. CST is particularly effective with language skills and comprehension and has also shown to increase quality of life.

Family/ Supporters Education Sessions:

During the program allies of those living with dementia will be invited to attend four sessions designed to help with their caring role.


Memory Treatment for those with dementia:
14 sessions are delivered twice a week for 7 weeks. There are two Memory Matters facilitators in each group and groups have a maximum of four participants. You will always be with the same group of people.

Education Sessions for families and supporters:
These are rolling sessions that are repeated monthly. If you are unable to attend one you can attend the following month. Group sizes for these vary according to how many memory treatment sessions we have running. There is always time for Q and A.

If you or a loved one would be interested to enroll on the programme please email: or call 01752 243333